Breath and Bowls at Savage Yoga

Breath and Bowls Sound Bath Experience

Saturday, March 23, 2024
5:00 – 6:30 pm
Price: $35
Savage Yoga Studios
1247 Florida Ave, Palm Harbor, FL

  • Restorative yoga accompanied by singing crystal bowls, conscious connected breath, and Yoga Nidra meditation
  • Open and release trapped energy in the seven chakras in the body
  • Bring more energy and deep healing into your body and spirit
  • Postures will be done while seated on the mat or lying down

Join Bhairav and Bhavaani for an experiential journey of sound and breath. Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of singing crystal bowls. We’ll use conscious connected breath to activate the body’s inner healer. Bhavaani will guide you through gentle posture while Bhairav chimes the crystal bowls. We’ll complete the session with a Yoga Nidra meditation to release trapped energy and bring the body into balance.

Singing crystal bowls are known for promoting relaxation and healing through sound vibrations. The seven pure quartz crystal bowls are tuned to the energy frequency of each of the seven major chakras located along the spine. This practice balances the chakras and clears energy blocks that can lead to disease.

This gentle yoga practice is great for all levels including beginners. We will use restorative yoga to release energy blocks and bring the body back into homeostatic balance. The postures will be done while seated on the mat or lying down.

I AM Yoga NidraTM is meditation made simple. This sleep-based meditative practice is done laying on your back. Scientific studies have found Yoga Nidra reduces anxiety and stress. It brings the body’s brainwaves into the Delta sleep state. It not only activates the bodies feel good hormones; melatonin, serotonin and dopamine, it also neutralizes the stress hormone cortisol. Yoga Nidra Meditation also assists in regenerating the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for mood and memory.

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This experience will include:

  • Crystal bowl sound bath
  • Learn the benefits of conscious connected breath
  • Circular breath technique – to heal irregular breathing patterns and the holding of the breath
  • Guided energy meditation with visualization
  • Gentle restorative yoga
  • I AM Yoga NidraTM Meditation

Meet Your Guides

Bhairav Curt Gibson

Bhairav Curt Gibson, RYT 200

Bhairav’s introduction to yoga came at an early age, when his mother would take him along with her to the local YMCA for her yoga classes. After practicing hot yoga himself for several years, as a way to condition his body for working outside during the Florida summers’, he completed his 200 hour Hot Yoga teacher certification. Wanting to deepen the spiritual component of his yoga practice, he traveled to India for a 100 hour I AM Yoga Nidra training with Kamini Desai and Shri Amritji of Amrit Yoga Institute. After completion of this certification, he was drawn to a second 200 hour teacher training of Amrit Yoga Level 1. It was through these teachings he found the way to travel in equanimity during his practice. He also provides sound therapy using 7 Quartz crystal bowls. He is excited to reveal what he has learned with you as he continues on his journey.

Deanna guiding healthy living program

Bhavaani Deanna Gray, RYT-500

Back pain from working on the computer lead Bhavaani to yoga. In 2017 Bhavaani signed up for a hot yoga teacher training to bring discipline to her practice. But what she received was so much more! She gained not only physical strength, but also mental clarity and spiritual connection. Yoga brought so much positive change in her life she was inspired to share what she learned. She knew teaching yoga was her path. She studied the the authentic teachings of yoga from Gurudev Shri Amritji at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida. There she earned 500-hours in Yoga Alliance certifications. She is currently enrolled in the Amrit Institute’s 800-hour Yoga Therapy Certification. She’s excited to continue on her journey of transformation and hopes to inspire and support others who are on this path of self-discovery. 

Journey through the Koshas

What to bring

  • Yoga mat and water
  • Optional: blanket
  • Optional: Yoga props like blocks and bolsters
  • Wear comfortable clothing

Join Bhavaani and Bhairav for this 90-minute experience as we use sound therapy, yoga, meditation, and conscious connected breath to bring more energy and deep healing into our bodies and spirit.

Be sure to register now, this event is expected to sell out.

Jai Bhagwan!